We Have Put Together a List of the Most Common Questions and Concerns

Procedure Questions

How long does the procedure take?
Procedure time varies from patient to patient. You can expect to be here for one to one and a half hours.
Will I be sedated for my procedure?
Yes, however, the endoscopy center does not use general anesthesia. Sedation will be administered through an IV to keep you comfortable during your procedure. Some procedures do not require sedation. Your physician will discuss this with you at the time of scheduling.
Must I drink the entire contents of the prep for colonoscopy?
Yes. It is very important to drink the entire prep even if you are having clear watery bowel movements to ensure the colon gets cleaned thoroughly.
I am scheduled for a procedure. What do I do if I have not completed my prep?
If you have problems with your prep, call the office at (904) 824-6108 and a nurse or doctor will advise you what to do. If the office is closed call (904) 819-4802, and ask to speak to the physician on call for GI Associates.
Is it normal to be cold or have chills after drinking the prep?
Yes. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration which can cause chills.
What if I get nauseated or vomit the prep?
If you are nauseated while drinking the prep, take a break and drink the prep more slowly once the nausea has passed. If the nausea does not pass or you vomit the prep, call the office at (904) 824-6108. If the office is closed call (904) 819-4802, and ask to speak to the physician on call for GI Associates.
When will I get the results of my procedure?
We will discuss everything we see during the procedure with you before you leave the recovery room. All findings are printed on your discharge instructions for you to read when you are home and more awake. Biopsy results take about 14 days and will be discussed by phone or at your follow up appointment. If you haven't heard from us in 14 days, send portal message.
How will I feel after the procedure?
Most patients feel great after the procedure. It is normal to feel sleepy. We recommend that you go directly home after the procedure and not to a restaurant or store. You should plan to take it easy for the rest of the day.
When can I resume normal activities?
You can resume most activities the day after your procedure. If you have a large polyp you may be advised to avoid heavy lifting or straining for a week.
Why do I need to be on a clear liquid diet the entire day prior to my colonoscopy?
Your colon needs to be clear of stool the day of your test. If you eat solid food the day prior to your test, your bowel is still processing the food and creating stool. If you have stool in your colon during the procedure, this impairs the doctor's view, resulting in a poor view of the colon, and possibly a repeat of the prep and the test.
Should I take my medications the morning of the test?
You should take any heart or blood pressure medications with a sip of water. You will be given specific instructions regarding diabetes medications or blood thinning medications at the time you schedule your appointment. If you have any further questions, call the office at (904) 824-6108.
Can I still have my procedure if I am on an antibiotic for an infection?
Yes. It is okay to still have your procedure if you are taking an antibiotic. If you are running a fever, have a severe cough, or are short of breath, you need to contact the office at (904) 824-6108.
I am diabetic. Should I check my blood sugar at home before my procedure?
You should check your blood sugar at home as usual on the day of your procedure.
Can I still have my procedure if I am on my menstrual cycle?
Yes. For your comfort, we do suggest that you wear a tampon.
Why do I need to arrive 30 minutes before my procedure?
This allows the nurse to get you checked in, complete the necessary paperwork, and start an IV.
How soon can I eat after my procedure?
If you are having an upper endoscopy, you should wait 30 minutes before you eat. Patients of all other procedures are allowed to eat as soon as you leave, unless dietary restrictions are applied.
Why can't I drive myself home after my procedure? Can I take a taxi, call COA, or walk home?
Due to the type of sedation we use, your judgment and reflexes are impaired. Therefore, it is unsafe for you to operate a vehicle or machinery until the day after your procedure. You will not be permitted to take a cab or other public transportation (COA) home unless you have a companion to ride with you and stay with you at home. If you do not have acceptable transportation at the time of your appointment, your procedure may be cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience, but your safety is our biggest concern.
How long will I have to wait for the results of my procedure?
Biopsy results usually take about 14 days.
Will I have to come back if anything is found during the procedure?
Polyps are typically removed during the procedure; rarely, their size makes it difficult to remove all of them at one time. This would most likely require another procedure and there may be a few other circumstances when this would be necessary, but usually one procedure is expected. Your doctor will discuss the findings and an ongoing treatment plan will be discussed with you, and/or your family prior to discharge. Additionally, written discharge instructions will be given to you before you leave.
Is it okay to buy the generics of Dulcolax and Miralax?
It is okay to buy the generics of Dulcolax and Miralax but make sure you are purchasing the Dulcolax laxative or generic equivalent, not the stool softener.
Can I eat cherry, watermelon, or strawberry Jell-O prior to my procedure?
No, you should not eat any kind of red or pink Jell-O prior to your procedure.
What is a polyp and how do I get them?
A colon polyp is a growth on the surface of the colon, also called the large intestine. Sometimes, a person can have more than one colon polyp. Colon polyps can be raised or flat. Polyps are usually hereditary.
How are polyps or tumors removed?
Polyps and tumors are removed by using a lighted, flexible fiber optic or video endoscope. The equipment is passed through the scope to painlessly remove the polyp. Cautery (electrical heat) is sometimes used.

Insurance Questions

What are my financial responsibilities for the procedure?
Depending on your insurance benefits, you may have a co-payment or deductible amount due before your procedure. This should be brought to the office on the day of your procedure, via a check, cash, or credit card. There is a facility fee and a separate fee for the physician services. Please refer to your insurance benefits to know your financial responsibilities. For further questions or concerns please call our billing department at (904) 824-6108 option 5.
Do I need to contact my insurance company to obtain an authorization (pre-certification) for the procedure?
No. we will obtain any prior authorization needed for your procedure for our doctor and the facility, if required.
I was a patient in the hospital; do I still need to bring my insurance card to your office?
Yes, please bring your insurance card and photo ID with you each time you come for an office visit or a procedure.
Why did I get three statements when I had my procedure?
When you have a procedure at G.I. Associates three separate fees are billed: (1) a professional fee for the physicians' services; (2) a fee for the anesthesia services; and (3) a facility fee for use of the surgery facility. The professional fee is billed under G. I. Associates and says, "This is your doctor's bill" at the bottom of your statement. The surgery facility is billed under The Endoscopy Center and says, "This is your facility bill" at the bottom of the statement.
Will my procedure be filed as being done in the doctor's office?
No. The G.I. Associates physicians do not perform endoscopy services in the doctor's office. The endoscopy services are performed in The Endoscopy Center which is a free standing ambulatory surgical center located in the same building as G.I. Associates.
What is the cost of my procedure?
We can only give you a baseline price for your procedure. The price is subject to change if biopsies or polyps are removed. The baseline for a colonoscopy is $1000, EGD $950 and if you are having a colonoscopy and EGD at the same time is $1425. All prices include professional services, facility and anesthesia (Pathology services are not included).
Will my insurance cover my procedure?
Some insurance plans have exclusions for outpatient surgical procedures or have different out-of-pocket expenses based on the location where the procedure is performed. Deductibles may apply. Your office visit co-pay will not apply for a procedure. We strongly encourage you to call your insurance carrier to confirm your benefits before the procedure.

Medical Records

How can I obtain a copy of my medical records?
To obtain a copy of your medical records you will need to sign and date a Medical Records Release form. This form may be mailed or faxed to you or you may come into the office to sign the release. Your records may then be mailed or faxed to you or you will receive them at the time you come in to the office to sign the release.
Is there a fee for medical records?
Not if you are the patient. If you are not the patient, the fee is $1 a page.
Can anyone else receive my health care information?
Each patient will receive an AUTHORIZATION TO RELEASE HEALTH CARE INFORMATION form at the time of their visit to G.I. Associates office, and this will outline with whom medical information may be shared. This form is signed and will not be changed unless a new form is completed.
Does my referring physician receive my report?
We fax a copy of each visit or procedure to the referring physician along with the biopsy report if applicable.